LARC Net Calendar

Sorry a little late in posting this, life gets in the way lol.

LARC and FDARS have joined up to offer 2 club nets. The reason for this is the Covid19 problem and to give all a better chance of having a chat, on a regular basis.

Each Monday, at 1945. there is a net held, on the GB3IH repeater. This allows all, from both LARC and FDARS to, better, gain access to the net and hear all who join in. You are able, and there are some, who only call in to offer their names and then just listen and do not join in on the conversation. OK to do this but, please join in if you can. Please also check the pages as occasionally the net does move to the GB3PO repeater.

Downlink: 433.10000
Uplink: 434.70000
Offset: +1.6 MHz
Uplink Tone: 110.9

On Wednesdays there is also the DMR net offered on the TG840 repeater. You will need the new DMR radios and they will need programming with a code plug, but f needed there are many who can offer help here.

I hope you are all keeping well and will soon also join us on these nets.

73s Vaughn