Beyond Exams Cont.

Just a congratulations to our 3rd Silver, Debbie, 2E0ICX, has now, also ganed her Silver certificate.

Well done, lets see more of you other great HAMs getting the Bronze, Silver or, Gold ūüôā

73s Vaughn, M0VLK

Beyond Exams


Latest activity, in this problematic time, is the great idea of Nigel, G0EBQ, who has done a lot of work setting up an award event with the RSGB. The RSGB have made a new club based activity called, ‘Beyond Exams’. Here you, the members, through your normal activity can gain certificates for yourselves and these are referenced with our great club. These then give accreditation to our club, with all the other RSGB clubs, to show how active we are and what we do. We can even offer updates and photos to RadCom every 3 months, to really show how we are moving as a club.

I think this is a great idea, as we can do this with very little problem. There are many of you who have been doing this radio stuff for a long time and so, may already, have gained your Bronze/Silver certificate this year. You may wish to try a new thing, something you’ve been looking at but not had the push to get going, Here just giving it a go, could give you a certificate, or at least part way to one.

Now the time period is a little annoying as, everything you’ve dune up to now will not count. That means you have to start again. May be revisit those things you did many years ago and now only remissness on. The start date was December 2019 and continues through this year onward. You can cheat, but this will only cheat yourself. Many of us talk about all those great QSOs we had, but now few really do the work they used too. This I hope will help some get back on the air and really show just how good we all really are.

Nigel has put a lot of the information on the pages and details all the tasks you can be awarded for.

Both Nigel G0EBQ and myself, Vaughn M0VLK, have gained our Silver certificate, see below:

Please all check out the requirements on the and get in touch with Nigel to get your certificate uploaded here.

73s Vaughn





Club Meetings

Hello all. Vaughn here, your Chairman.

I am sorry, but very certain this is the¬†correct way forward, to say that all club¬†contact will be suspended from now, 16/03/2020, until¬†further notice. This is due to the latest notice form the government, who now say, and I paraphrase a little, ‘now is the time for everyone to stop non essential contact!’. This unfortunately¬†means LARC, Leiston Amature Radio Club, should not meet until¬†this ban is removed.
I know this will be hard, not only for myself, but with higher than normal risk of concerns in this preset time and virus situation, this is a must.
The club NET will continue, This thursday 2000 hrs, and next Wednesday 2000 hrs and alternate from there. Please do pop a call in, using GB3PO, if you can. FYI PO is giving problem so, if too noisy we may move to GB3IH. This will be posted on and the web page.
I do hope you all keep well and please keep in touch. I hope this silliness, for want of another word, is over soon and we can then return to our normal fun activities.
Many thanks for reading this long email. 73s Vaughn

Canvey Island Rally

Hi all, just a reminder this weekend coming its the Canvey Island rally. I hope to be attending so hope a few may see me there.

Location, Cornelius Vermuyden School, Diany Ave, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9ES

There i Free car parking, if you get there early as this disappears very quick, I;m told. There is also easy access for all, as this is on an easy level ground floor access, to 2 large halls.
Doors open at 1000hrs, disabled visitors can access from 0945hrs.
Admission is £3.00, under 10s free.
Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks and the famous Bacon Butties.
Traders of Radio, Computing, Electronics and others will be there, including our Stevem 2E0ICX, as a RAYNET trader I think.
Contact Tony, G0JYI, at tony@tonystreet,net for bookings and further information
There will be a talk-in on 145.550MHz

Hope to see a few there. 73s Vaughn

LARC Foxhunt radio direction finding competition

On Tuesday 12th June, Leiston club will be holding its foxhunt radio direction finding competition.

It will start at the car park immediately before the entrance to the Rendlesham Forest Vistor Centre, South of the B1084 Woodbridge Road. See marked up aerial view and road map below.

The first transmission will be at 7.15pm on 145.400 + or ‚Äď QRM

All you need to take part is a radio or scanner capable of tuning to 2m.

We look forward to seeing you.

Link to Foxhunt general rules.

DMR Club Night Follow Up

Thanks to Keith, G7CIY for putting together the introduction to DMR presentation at the club meeting on Tuesday, answering the audience questions and for providing a live feed to the Tech Net on local Talk Group 840, using DMR and the local repeater GB7AL at Tunstall.

It made all the difference being able to hear and see DMR mode UHF radio in action.

We’ll be pleased to follow up any interest in DMR at future club meetings.

If your¬†appetite to explore this relatively new mode of amateur radio has been whetted there is an interesting article “DMR in the East for 2017” written by Andy 2E0DIQ, on the SARG website here. it mentions the local repeaters, the history of DMR in the area and has useful links for¬†those seeking¬†advice and assistance; the local DMR users are a friendly bunch.

Finally, to keep up to date on SARG and local amateur radio related topics Andy M3FDQ invites us to subscribe to the SARG mailing list here.

On the air!

We’re trialling a new club net. Sunday mornings at 11:15am on G3PO, with kind permission of the repeater keeper.

Repeater access details here.

Why not join us?