About Us

Leiston Amateur Radio Club (LARC) was founded in 1959 by Alan Martindale, G3MYA, who had recently obtained his licence and who became aware of a number of people in the East Suffolk area who had heard his transmissions and wanted to become involved in the hobby. Unfortunately many of these founder members moved to other parts of the country in the early 1960s, resulting in a period of suspended animation for the club. However, in 1970 the club was revived – again largely due to the efforts of G3MYA – and has been constantly active since that time, with membership varying from about 25 to 35 at different periods.

The club currently holds meetings on the second Tuesday of every month except July and August, the June meeting normally taking the form of a “foxhunt” to find a hidden transmitter. We also organise special event stations at local public events. Details of our activities can be found on the “Events” section of this website.

In recent years the club has run a number of training courses, enabling numerous aspiring amateur radio operators to obtain their licences. These courses have now been interrupted by the sudden death of Dave Powis, G4HUP, who was the chief instructor and moving force behind the courses, but it is hoped that we will be able to organise further training in the future.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our club events.

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