LARC VHF UHF Activity Contests

An introduction to the LARC VHF UHF Activity Contests.


Two reasons really – to get some activity going on our dead and unused VHF and UHF bands at least once a month, and to provide a bit of the ‘self-training’ mentioned in Clause 1 of our licences. And it should just be a bit of fun, too!

What do I need?

You need a radio that covers 2m (145MHz) and if possible the 70cm (430MHz) FM bands – a handheld will do (and if you don’t have anything, look at the Baofeng UV5B as a starter!). That’s all. If you can add an external antenna (see the VK2ZOI 2m design for home construction) then better coverage will be obtained, and you may be able to operate from home, instead of a local high spot.

When is it?

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, from 20:00 to 21:00 local time. The activity will centre around 145.425MHz, so that the calling frequency of 145.500 is left clear for those not participating to use. When there are several stations operating, then channels adjacent to 145.425 will also be used, so don’t forget to tune around!

2017 Contest Results

G0DFC 32 50 18 60 32 18 210
M0BCT 90 90
M0XTF 2 27 8 37
G3CO 396 418 410 252 400 520 51 156 2603


The contest rules are here.

The Log and Front Sheet are here.

Dates for LARC VHF/UHF Activity Contest 2017

The dates for the 9 contest sessions during 2017 are Feb 28th, Mar 28th, Apr 25th, May 23rd, Jun 27th,Jul 25th, Aug 22nd,Sep 26th and Oct 24th.