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January 2019 Quiz Night

Many thanks to those who turned out in this horrible weather. I know many of you would have tried if it had not been so bad. Great night with lots of good friends, Andrew, G8AXO, our Quiz master came up with some very challenging questions that had us all thinking, well done. I personally found this a very hard quiz, but most enjoyable. After some 70 questions we swapped papers and marked them. The winning score, of just over 50% (37/70), was by our new Quiz master Tony, M0XTF. Again congratulations to Tony and many thanks for the great night to Andrew and you all.
73s Vaughn






February 2018 Club Meeting

An interesting evening of CW presented by members of Essex CW Club

Foxhunt July 2017


Brundish Village Green – GB2BVG 17th July 2016


Relaxing at Brundish. From left G0CFI, Pat (XYL G3ZYP), G7CIY, G4HUP, G3ZYP. Photo by Anne, G7DWN



Bawdsey Radar Museum – Visit 12th July 2016







Region 12 Club of the Year award – (Small Club)  28th May 2016

From left: LARC members Bob G0CFI, Dave G4HUP, Keith G7CIY, with Jeff Stanton and Peter Waters








Jim Bacon G3YLA – Sproadic-E talk – 12th May 2016

Jim keeping his audience enthralled

LARC Antenna Evening – 8th July


Giles and Steve experimenting with a vertical antenna








LARC at the Suffolk Show
(with the BBC!)







Sam helping with some receiving







Steve watching an interesting tapping technique







Keith at the sending end








Parents enjoyed it as well!

Christmas Lunch – December 2013






Lovely stitched panoramic photo of most of the dinner guests !From left Anne, Tony M0LIE, Hugo M3CQK, Anne G7DWN, Keith G7CIY, Anne, John M6CIZ, Philip 2E0CQR, Li, Jean, Dave G4HUP, David 2E0BFL, Mike 2E0FIR, Barbara, Richard M1DNG and Alison. Thanks to Dan 2E0YZC for the picture!

Longshop Museum – 2013

After notice that there would be no Longshop Museum ‘Final Fling’ day due to refurbishment, we suddenly got a call that it was happening after all! So a few of us assembled there on a rather cold and rainy Sunday morning, and put the station together; fortunately the weather improved during the day, and we had some interest in our displays and activities. As well as the CW station, we had a digital station running by the end of the day (!).







John G4XVE busy on the key


Giles G0AJC, Tony M0LIE and Dave G4HUP sorting out the digital station

July Club Meeting

I know we don’t often put club meeting pictures up here, but it was such an outstanding attendance, that it ought to be recorded! My apologies if you are not in the shot – there were just too many folks there!

From left: Martin M0BCT, Tony M0LIE, Tony M0XTF, Andy G3ZYP, Giles G0AJC, Ian M0IAH, Steve M6TCI, Mary M0ARY, Steve G0JFM , John M6CZI, Mike G8EUE, Mike 2E0FIR, Bob G0CFI

June Foxhunt

From left standing: Norman G8OPO, Andy G3XYP, Tony M0LIE, Keith G7CIY (fox), Mark M6CCZ. Seated Kieron M0HKB, Kevin M0HKC, M6CCZ XYL, Pat G8VZZ, Steve M6TCI, Philip 2E0CQR (at back), Ian M0IAH, Russell G7OOW standing