LARC Members Weekly Net

We are running the members nets on the GB3PO repeater. Dates as in the Events section of this website and/or as advised by email.

(Channel RV52 – Input 145.050, output 145.650MHz, CTCSS 110.9Hz).

Please try to join us, even if it’s only to call in and say hello; it all helps to keep LARC active and vibrant.

Members opportunity

Following on from the earlier website post and the September meeting (which had an encouraging attendance of 16 members, despite the foul weather conditions) there will be an opportunity for members to discuss their thoughts and plan actions for the future of LARC at the next club meeting on 9th October.

Please do try and attend to provide your input and assistance with the future plans if the club is to continue.

Website updates

Latest club meetings added to Events section on top menu.

Southgate Amateur Radio News Feed added, see top menu, keep up to date with  daily news from the world of amateur radio.

LARC Foxhunt radio direction finding competition

On Tuesday 12th June, Leiston club will be holding its foxhunt radio direction finding competition.

It will start at the car park immediately before the entrance to the Rendlesham Forest Vistor Centre, South of the B1084 Woodbridge Road. See marked up aerial view and road map below.

The first transmission will be at 7.15pm on 145.400 + or – QRM

All you need to take part is a radio or scanner capable of tuning to 2m.

We look forward to seeing you.

Link to Foxhunt general rules.

LARC Club Net

With the arrival of the better weather bringing an increase in family and outside activities on a Sunday morning we suggest that it is time to reconsider the day and time of the LARC Club Net.

The Net is run for members and of course guests, so please do email with your thoughts as to what day and time you wish to hold it.

This really is a request for responses, otherwise we are asking the Net controller to open the Net without any commitment from members that there will be activity!

DMR Club Night Follow Up

Thanks to Keith, G7CIY for putting together the introduction to DMR presentation at the club meeting on Tuesday, answering the audience questions and for providing a live feed to the Tech Net on local Talk Group 840, using DMR and the local repeater GB7AL at Tunstall.

It made all the difference being able to hear and see DMR mode UHF radio in action.

We’ll be pleased to follow up any interest in DMR at future club meetings.

If your appetite to explore this relatively new mode of amateur radio has been whetted there is an interesting article “DMR in the East for 2017” written by Andy 2E0DIQ, on the SARG website here. it mentions the local repeaters, the history of DMR in the area and has useful links for those seeking advice and assistance; the local DMR users are a friendly bunch.

Finally, to keep up to date on SARG and local amateur radio related topics Andy M3FDQ invites us to subscribe to the SARG mailing list here.

On the air!

We’re trialling a new club net. Sunday mornings at 11:15am on G3PO, with kind permission of the repeater keeper.

Repeater access details here.

Why not join us?